Dusting off my internet presence

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point I just began withdrawing from the social media aspect of the internet. I had a pretty bad procrastination problem with facebook at one point in undergrad and had to delete my account entirelyImage in order to get things accomplished. After that my use of social media fell way back. I guess I just became a little uncomfortable with how much I was sharing and what that information could be used for. More and more however, I have seen the ways in which social media are being used in the professional world for networking, keeping up to date with trends, outreach and promotion. More and more job postings I see want candidates who are proficient in all sorts of social media. Quickly I’ve realized that while I can of course learn to use any of the media necessary, I am out of the loop in terms of what media are even out there and who is using them. My hope is to discover more of the social media universe while developing the hands on skills employers will want to see.

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