Wiki Wiki

Cat-DJ-Scratching-DeckIs it pathetic to say I didn’t know what a Wiki was? I don’t exactly live under a rock, and I had heard about “Wiki leaks” all over the news, but somehow I managed to get by without actually coming to understand what exactly a Wiki is.

Thankfully that has now changed. A Wiki, as Meredith Farkas states is “a perpetual work in progress where anyone can add content, edit content, and create relationships between content through hyperlinks.” While the settings can be changed as to who is allowed to add or edit content, the main idea is that many people can work together on the same “documents.” I really found this video

 useful to explain the basic use of a Wiki.

In order to immerse myself in the wiki world, this week I also created an account with Wikipedia and did some editing of pages suggested as needing it, and participated in a course Wiki. While this was remarkably easy to do, I find that Wiki’s are probably best used when there is a direct purpose to having one.

Having no great love of editing for editing’s sake, and trying to come up with something to contribute to a course Wiki when the course already has a website that is easy and comfortable to use,  I didn’t find my immersion very exciting.  After talking about Wikis more with others, I learned about the world of Wiki fansites and began to see more of the hype.

All in all, I am glad to finally have a handle on what a Wiki is, and does, and am looking forward to using Wikis for collaborations in the future!

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