Shifting Gears. Let’s learn more about Podcasting.

I’ve spent some time reflecting on what to post about next and after much deliberation I decided that it would be best for me to delve a little deeper into one the topics I covered that gave me the most frustration. Over the next few months I hope to explore both audio and video podcasting in order to learn more about different software available for composing and editing a podcast as well as some methods for distribution.


Besides my personal desire to improve my skills and comfort with the medium, why the special interest in podcasts? I think podcasts can bring something special to an organization (or individual) by sharing information in a way that is entertaining, transportable and easily shared. I listen to podcasts while I walk my dog, do the dishes, and ride the bus. Times and places where I otherwise would not be able to read.

I see podcasting as an important tool for librarians in order to remain relevant but also to increase the accessibility of library services to our communities. More than just accessibility as convenience, I’m interested in the use of podcasts for increasing the accessibility of web content for those of various learning styles and abilities. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requires web content to, among other things, provide text and time based media alternatives.* That is to say, we should be including information in a variety of formats; video, audio, text.

I admit I am just learning about AODA and thus far had not considered some of the barriers to accessibility inherent in my blog posts so far. That being said, it’s my intention to improve the accessibility of this blog alongside my explorations in podcasting. =D

*For further detail on the web content requirements of AODA please section 14.

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